Download Google Translate Apk Latest Version for Android Devices

About Google Translate Apk?

Google Translate Apk is an app, which helps a user to translate his content in different languages. Besides this, users will also be able to listen to the pronunciation. Users can also translate their text into 59 languages when they are offline. If users are using a camera, they can translate their text in 38 languages and if they are taking pictures of the text, they can translate into 37 languages.

Google Translate Apk File Information:

The latest version of Google Translate is 5.25. The latest version was launched in November 2018. The size of the apk varies with device. The app can be installed on the Android Guide handsets having Android version of 4.2 or above. The size of the apk varies with device.

Google Translate Apk

How to Download and Install Google Translate Apk for Android Devices?

Take the following steps.

  1. Open the Google Translate app
  2. Look for the button and tap it. The button can be found on the upper left side of the screen.
  3. Tap Offline Translation.
  4. Select the desired language. A user must keep in mind that all languages are not available for offline translation.
  5. After selecting the language, tap the Download button in front of it.
  6. Tap the Download button again.
  7. The user can find the language in the Downloaded Language section.

Features of Google Translate Apk:

There are many features, which a user can find the app. Some of them have been described here.

Languages can be stored offline:

Users can download the languages on their phone. This will help users to do translation even if there is no internet connection. The downloaded languages need to be updated regularly. Users can update it from the main screen of Google translate.

Type to Translate:

Users can translate from one language to the other very easily. There are two boxes. In one box users have to type a text on the left side and the translation will be done on the other side. The language will be translated to a default language in the right box. If the user selects another language in the right box, then the translation of the text typed in the left box can be seen.

Write to Translate:

Another feature of the app is that users can write their text instead of typing and will find the translation of that text. After writing, the app will detect the text and tell its translation.

Speak to Translate:

Google Translate also helps a user to talk to another user who does not know his language. The app will translate the language of the speaker and the listener can see the translation on the screen. Users can start a conversation by tapping the Conversation. After tapping, users can select the language in which they want to talk. Both of the users have to click Microphone icon for their language. Both users have to take care that they should not speak simultaneously as it will confuse the system. In order to hear the translation aloud, users have to click the speaker icon.

Camera Translation:

The user can also translate the text using a camera. In order to do this, select two languages and tap Camera. The user has to set the camera on the text to be translated and then the text will be translated in the other selected language. Flash icon can be used for more light while the pause icon can be used for freezing the image. The gallery icon can be used to select the picture, the text of which is to be translated.


It can be concluded that Google Translate Apk for Android is very good and users can translate the text while he is typing, writing, speaking or using a camera. There are many languages in which a text can be translated and the translation can be done whether the user is online or offline.

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