Download Instagram Apk Latest Version for Android Devices

About Instagram Apk:

People use Instagram to capture and share various moments of their life. They also love to follow their near and dear ones. The users also like to check accounts of other users in order to know about the things they are sharing. The community has around one billion people. Instagram Apk can be used for the following purposes.

  • Posting photos and videos.
  • Editing photos and videos with filters.
  • Combine multiple clips in a video
  • Get photos and videos from the followers
  • Like the pictures and comment on them
  • Share photos and videos with near and dear ones
  • Edit pictures by adding text or through drawing tools to give them a creative effect. Such pictures are available only for 24 hours in the profile of a user and then they disappear.
  • Connect live with friends and share the story with them
  • Use Explore Tab to find the desired photos and videos.

Instagram Apk

How to Download and Install Instagram Apk for Android Devices?

Android users can download and install Instagram apk from Google Play Store. Take the following steps to install Instagram on Android devices.

  1. Tap on Google Play Store to open it.
  2. Search for Instagram app in the search bar.
  3. Click Install to install the Instagram on the Android device.
  4. Check the apps section on the mobile and users can find the app.

How to Setup an Instagram Account:

Take the following steps

Instagram for Android

  1. Open the Instagram app by tapping the icon.
  2. On seeing Sign Up, tap it.
  3. Enter your email id and tap Next.
  4. After the creation of username and password, add profile picture tap Next. Adding a profile picture is optional.
  5. Add information about the profile. This is also optional and users can skip this step.
  6. Tap Done to complete the Instagram account set up.

Instagram Apk File Information:

The latest version of Instagram Apk is which can be installed on mobiles having Android Guide 4.4 and above. The size of the installation file is 38.39MB and it was last updated on December 2018.

Features of Instagram Apk:

There are many features in Instagram which users can use to edit pictures, send pictures and videos and do a lot of things. Some of these features have been described here.

Picture Editing:

There is no need for separate picture editing app as Instagram provides it in its software. Users can do many things with the picture like cropping, rotating, and resizing them. Besides this, they can also use filters and add them to the pictures to make them more creative.


Stories is another concept in the new version. Through this, users can post pictures and videos in the form of stories. These stories are visible to the followers only for 24 hours and after that, they disappear. Users can save the stories and can view them in the future.


Besides posting pictures and videos, users can also send text messages to their contacts. Users can send a picture or a message either to all or to a particular follower. The sent message can also be deleted. This messaging system eliminates the need of any chatting app.


Instagram provides the users a feature of privacy in which users can make their account private and his posts can be viewed only by the desired users and followers. In this way, misuse of pictures and videos can be prevented.


It can be concluded that due to so many features, Instagram Apk for Android is very useful for users as they can use it for sharing anything they like and to whomever they desire. They can send messages and can also make their account private through the privacy feature.

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