Download Shazam Apk Latest Version for Android Devices

About Shazam Apk?

Shazam app helps the users to know the title of the songs they are listening. A user has to hold on his Android phone close to the source of the sound and the app will tell the title. That is the reason that music lovers love the app. The app is famous among millions of people and new people are also installing it on their mobiles.

How to Download and Install Shazam Apk for Android devices?

Take the following steps to download Shazam apk for Android devices.

Shazam Apk Download

  1. Open Google Play Store and Search for Shazam.
  2. When the link is displayed, click it. The app will be downloaded and installed on the mobile.
  3. Open the app after completion of the installation.

Shazam Apk File Information:

The latest version of Shazam is 9.31, which was launched in December 2018. The size of the file is 12.6MB. The app can be used to know about the song that is being played

Features of Shazam Apk:

There are many features of Shazam app which are discussed here.

User interface:

The user interface of Shazam is very simple and all the android users are able to use it very easily. They can access the app by just a single and enjoy its features.

Offline Mode:

Through offline mode, users are able to search the lyrics of a particular song without being connected to the internet.

Sing along the music:

Users can enjoy the feature of singing along with the music by seeing the lyrics or viewing the song.

Search Pandora radio Artists:

Users can enjoy the feature of searching Pandora radio artists and listen to various songs. Shazam chart is also present that tells about the ratings of the song. The chart lets the users know which song is on the top for the current week.

Create Playlists:

Users have the facility to create a playlist of their favorite songs on Spotify and enjoy the songs. Users can also add the songs to their playlist in the future.

Google Play music feature:

The app supports Google Play music purchases and users can access a song on Google Play by paying some fees. After paying the fees, users can also download their favorite songs.

Search Visualization:

As this is a song recognition app, it has animated voice recognition circles which are displayed below the image. Users have to take care of the design in order to enjoy the search feature.

Music recognition:

Music recognition is one of the main features of the Shazam app. Shazam previously has a menu named My Tags which has now been changed to My Shazam.

Auto Shazam feature:

This feature helps to recognize songs even after users left the app.

Shazam Visual Recognition:

This feature provides information provides the information provided on magazines, posters, and books and users can use this when they click on Shazam camera logo.


Users can remain updated regarding the launch of new albums and videos.

Shazam on other devices:

Shazam can be installed on iPhones desktops and laptops. Users can enjoy the same features as they do on the Android mobiles. Downloading the app on iPhones,  iPad and Desktop is very easy.


It can be concluded that the app is very useful for music lovers as they can enjoy music, download Shazam Apk, and create a playlist and do a lot more. Users can even sync the app with social media websites and can share music with friends and family.

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