Facetime for PC – Download Facetime for Windows 7/8.1/10 for Free

About Facetime for PC:

Facetime is an app that is used for video calling. The app has been developed by Apple and it has also launched it for Windows due to its popularity. The app is easy to set up. In order to make a call, a user has to make a list of contacts using their emails. Then he can choose a person from the list and make a video call. The call can be made to any person using iPhone, iPad, or Windows device.

Facetime for PC

How to Download and Install Facetime for PC?

In order to download the app, a user has to download an emulator that supports Apple iOS since the Facetime app is developed by Apple. One of these emulators is iPadian. Take the following steps to download the emulator and the app.

  1. Go the URL http://www.ipadian.net/ and download the iPadian emulator.
  2. Open the file and install the emulator as per the instructions.
  3. After the installation of the emulator, open it by using the Apple credentials.
  4. Now download Facetime installer from the Apple app store.
  5. Install the app and open it through an iPadian emulator.
  6. Add contacts to the list and make video calls.

Facetime for PC file information:

The app has been developed by AppleInc and it supports Windows XP/7/8/10. The size of the installation file is 21MB and it was last updated in March 2018. More than 56 million people have downloaded this app.

Features of Facetime for PC:

There are many features in the app, which are described here.

Video Call:

The main function of the app is to make video calls. People can talk to their family comfortably without paying any charges. In order to have good video chatting, users must have a good internet connection.

Audio Call:

Users can also make audio calls with the app. The app was first used only for video calling, but the company added the audio call feature after launching the app. So if a video call is not possible due to the internet connection or some other reasons, users can make audio calls. Audio calls are also free of cost and users can talk as much as they can.

High-Quality Call:

Users can make high-quality audio and video calls through the app. The app has the HD feature through which users can make the calls. One must have an unlimited data connection as video calling consumes a lot of data.


This is another great feature of this app. This feature shows how a caller is looking on the screen. The caller’s picture is small while the person to whom the call has been made is shown on the whole screen.

Facetime Interface:

The user interface of the app is user-friendly and people who do not have any technical knowledge can use it efficiently. The app also has the text-messaging feature so users can navigate between the text messages and the conference.

Hide or Block Calls:

There are some people who are irritating and people do not want to make a call to them. Such people can be blocked so that they cannot disturb.


Facetime is an app, which can be easily downloaded and installed, and people can use it for video and audio calling. People can use it easily due to the user-friendly interface even if they do not have any technical knowledge. Users should have an unlimited data connection as video calling consumes a lot of data. There are various features due to which people can call each other comfortably. If people want to block irritating person s, they can do so through block feature.

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